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We pride ourselves in taking discarded Lives into our own – Healing them – and righting the wrongs heaped upon those innocents.

We are Humans. We are flawed. And that is why we rely on each other. We are at our Finest as a Collective…and that is the place we serve THEM best. We know that THEY need Our Help – Just like we need YOUR Help. That is why we are Community Faced. To Educate, Negotiate, Support, Empower, and Enable individuals to Help their own…and then Assist Others.

THAT is the way we GROW. THAT is the way we Save MORE Lives. We will not adopt our way out of pet overpopulation in L.A. This NOT a shell game, nor a shuffle. We must go Wider. Deeper.



The REAL Bark is a registered 501c3 non-profit dog rescue group in Los Angeles.


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{[ YES YOU, KID ]} Welcome to The REAL Bark, SWEET kid. This five year old girl was in the medical room, away from the public at the shelter during the Clear the Shelters event, whereby dogs were available for $20. We have a lot to say about that, but what we wish to share instead is how Grateful we are to the AMAZING shelter staff that work SO HARD to do a responsible, thoughtful job in such peopled chaos...AND how lucky we all are that shelters have dedicated volunteers like the BRILLIANT Sherry Brewer, at East Valley, who leads with her Heart on the front lines every day.
We brought three kids back with us, and memories of several more we will keep watch on. This Cattle-mix girl and her brother was confiscated from their owner. She was in medical, recovering, as she was just spayed after believing her to be pregnant. Brother was out on the floor, and gone right away. We asked the awesome Anna to see this timid pup, and she crawled apologetically out of her medical kennel. She is SO SHY, scared, uncertain what just happened to her world, ticks all over her, filthy, and yet a heart of gold in the middle. She would crawl to each of us and look up with eyes of gratitude, that we were being so nice to her.
We so look forward to helping her build her Confidence, and let her charm free, as she claims some Happiness...on her way to her New Life.
Hang tight, little lady: Life Just Got Good.
Have a GREAT Day, Everyone and Thanks!
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Mrs. C. TONIGHT. The REAL Bark joins Odd Market at Odd Nights at the Autry. 6-11. Been a Ruff Week? Don't You, your Family, and your Pup deserve a GREAT evening? The Adorable, Adoptable Mrs. C. thinks so. Click the pic & Hear it for yourself. Thanks Everybody - C. You There! The Autry Museum in Griffith Park is at 4700 Western Heritage Way, Los Angeles, CA 90027 *Mrs. C. video by Lake. ... See MoreSee Less

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{[ "HEY BUD, LET'S PARTY" ]} Can you say Handsome & Happy? This kid. Big Dude. Big Grin - NOW. Formerly: found in rough shape in an even rougher neighborhood. No Collar. No Tags. No ID. Fleas, Ticks, Emaciated, Intact, Filthy, and digging through trash to find something to eat. He went to the shelter and no one came forward looking, so he needed a New Home. But what this SWEET dude did not realize was that he was about to WIN the Human Lottery with these two. Meet Ingrid & Scott, who met, and fell SO Deep, and SO Fast for this charming pup. The introduction - overseen by Ernesto - of their other two giant pups with this kid went SO WELL they knew they had just met their third boy. They named him Spicoli, and indeed he traveled FAST TIMES into an Amazing, Treat, Love & Joy Filled Life, with his pup-bros Stanley-the-Mastiff, and Bosco, the rescued Rottie-Shep, whom we lifted off the streets years ago. The REAL Bark Congratulates + Thanks this Beautiful Growing Family! Appreciation to you, Ingrid & Scott, for Adopting, this special guy.
We ALL wait for Complete Acceptance, Warmth, Protection, and Unconditional LOVE. Every Last One of Us. Spicoli found his. It does not matter where you START...just where you FINISH.
Have a GREAT Day Everyone. #theREALbark
*Gratitude going out to Maria, Aaron, and Micheal for their help, and BIG Warm Shout Out to Lana Meier and Anna Spheeris Fox for being Spicoli's Fairy GodMothers.
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{[ IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE? ]} Can you even, with this 11 week old Dobie pup? A woman had recently acquired this beautiful pup, but when he developed a stomach ache and needed the vet she decided puppy owning was not for her, and turned him over to the vet. The vet then contacted one of our Team, Connie, and that is how this baby-gent arrived at The REAL Bark. Yes, a purebred in Rescue - and No - there will be no auction. EVERYONE of our pups are PURE...Love, that is, and whether they are this little guy - now named Dobie Howser M.D. - or Spicoli the Saint Bernard, Mrs. C. the SWEET senior Spaniel, or our new kid Van Gogh who has at least three different breeds, one ear, and is handsome as can be - they ALL deserve EPIC amounts of Affection and Dedication, and are ALL here waiting for their Next, Right-Fit, and Nurturing HOME. All Equals in our Eyes.
A band of Adorable Adoptables will be showing off their cute TODAY, Saturday August 5th, at our Adoption Event at Echo Bark Inc. From 11-2. There will also be a lemonade stand out front, if meeting this crew is not Sweet enough. Come on by and meet Dobie Howser M.D. - as the in-house Doctor will definitely be In Session. :)
Have a GREAT Day, Everyone. Thank You! #theREALbark
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{[ CANNOT BELIEVE!!! WITNESS THIS WONDER ]} In this crazy time, with so much happening in the world that we cannot grasp, I find a great need for finding moments of CELEBRATION. This girl. She was called Cookie, and as you might remember SHE FELL FROM A 4TH STORY WINDOW and lived. HOW? We are not sure. But we do know that her little body was completely broken. Pelvis, Sacrum, Hips, Tail. Shattered, all. Unable to walk and dragging herself around. Nothing. Her back half was gone. Still Smiling. Still wanting the Love. And to make it worse, her people did not turn her into the shelter for weeks and weeks, when they finally decided they could not help her. We cannot imagine the pain. The REAL Bark is SO GRATEFUL for the good peeps at Home Dog LA that advocated for her, and let us know she was sitting - broken - in a kennel, so we could get to the Shelter - with your Encouragement ands Support - and get her lifted quickly and get her pain-free, and start in a direction.
For Answers.
The first several answers were to order her a chair, that she was beyond help. Another recommended to 'let her go.' And then we headed this tiny, SWEET victim, whose poor body had endured such trauma to California Animal Rehabilitation - CARE to meet with Dr. Waldman. She spent goodly amounts of time with this girl, and Dr. Waldman shed literal tears for what had happened to this tiny HERO, after viewing what shape her little body was in. And you know what Dr. Waldman and her Staff did with that emotion? Well, they worked with her daily in various therapies - just like Thor - and in less than two weeks time, they got this little WARRIOR to
OWN. That's Right! Standing. Briefly. Standing in the face of the many that said she would NEVER.
Look at the determination on that kid's face.
Do NOT tell a Survivor, NEVER.
You quite possibly will be proved WRONG.

They called her Cookie. We changed her name to Wonder ...because, well, she is one.
We Wonder how she lived that fall?
We Wonder what she must be feeling?
We Wonder what her future holds?
But right now: We Wonder how the ______ she defied all these doctors and held her stand? UP!
Little bit of MAGIC in this kid. Like our boy Thor.

Never Say Never, folks. Just Don't. NEVER.
Want to help Wonder? This will be a long road...but we are on it, and committed to it. Any & All Help for Wonder, is Welcome + Appreciated HERE>

Have an AMAZING Day.
And know that there are tiny HEROES out there showing us what is POSSIBLE.
Be Well. Behold. Be You.

*Special SHOUT-OUT of THANKS to the customers of Panpipes Magickal Marketplace, who sent Wonder her first donation, and SO MUCH positive energy. Thanks All!

...always an HONOR for us to share these stories with YOU.
Thanks. - Jf
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