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We pride ourselves in taking discarded Lives into our own – Healing them – and righting the wrongs heaped upon those innocents.

We are Humans. We are flawed. And that is why we rely on each other. We are at our Finest as a Collective…and that is the place we serve THEM best. We know that THEY need Our Help – Just like we need YOUR Help. That is why we are Community Faced. To Educate, Negotiate, Support, Empower, and Enable individuals to Help their own…and then Assist Others.

THAT is the way we GROW. THAT is the way we Save MORE Lives. We will not adopt our way out of pet overpopulation in L.A. This NOT a shell game, nor a shuffle. We must go Wider. Deeper.



The REAL Bark is a registered 501c3 non-profit dog rescue group in Los Angeles.


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{[ OWNER DIED - NEWLY ORPHANED & HOMELESS ]} This Beautiful girl is Willy. Look at that smile. She is a seven year old SWEET Chow who lived her entire life with a very kind, TRUE gentleman. This man had served in our military, and suffered from PTSD, and this pup was his Life, and kept him in a good, happy place. And she lived for him. She knew exactly that she had a job, as a Companion. For years.
Sadly, Tom recently passed away, and when he fell dead in his home, his most Loving and Faithful friend went to him, and laid down by his side. And stayed.
Willy did not move.
And when his body was eventually discovered, Willy had remained - unmoved - next to her master and Friend.
That is some heartbreaking Loyalty right there.
There are no family members for this girl to live with, so a neighbor watched her while he could, until he could not, and then Willy was intercepted on her way to the shelter.
Willy is easy, she is quiet, house trained, and knows what it means to be a True Friend. We have guest-posted this special girl, to Honor her departed human Companion, Tom, and to help his beloved Willy.
PLEASE SHARE her pic, and let us together find Willy a Loving place to lay her Head & Heart.
Thank You, kind people.
Please Share.
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{[ BIENVENIDA A LOS NINOS ]} Welcome Children. These faces. Two young pups part of a much larger story. A homeless canine Father, Mother, and two pups were living on the streets of Mexico. The father had been so abused in his lifetime, and as X-Rays are now showing, has many broken bones in both of his front legs that healed over, basically cannot use one of his legs, has B.B. gun pellets still inside of him, and STILL IS SO KIND, AND MANAGED TO KEEP HIS FAMILY TOGETHER on the streets of Tijuana. A true Father. An Absolute Survivor, just like our logo boy and In-House Inspiration: Thor.
Fortunately, an INCREDIBLE woman became aware of their story, and scooped them off the streets - all four of them - and brought them into her home - without any extra resources - and without knowing if she would be able to find help for them. But she knew in her heart it was the right thing to do.
Maria: You are a HERO.
Another piece of great fortune happened for this Family, when a most NOBLE woman named Cheryl - with the appropriate last name of Virtue - learned of this entire Family's plight. Cheryl took on the giant responsibility of carefully mapping a brighter future for this stunning homeless Family.
Cheryl contacted others and arranged for local medical help for all four, while travel plans were arranged to get the family here, to get them great Medical care, and to get them a Life off the streets.

Through Cheryl, our Awesome friend Neda - who was taken with this family's sad tale - contacted the good people - and, proudly, our other friends - at A Purposeful Rescue. Hillary said: "Of course" and leaned across the aisle, and asked if The REAL Bark would come on board, and accept these pups into our Rescue, and the parents would remain with her.
And we said....Well, these photos might tell you our response.

Welcome Children.
Please meet Rio & Renya.
These stunning three-month-old kids are already receiving epic amounts of Affection from our Team.
In fact, every individual on both sides of the border, that volunteered a piece of their Life, to get this entire Family to Safety and Opportunity, has laid Loving Hands on all four of these Street Survivors.
It is a Beautiful thing.
It is CommUNITY. Speaking a common language of Compassion, we - each one of us on 'Operation Family Save' - are not only So Grateful to each other, bonding together to change the destiny of these innocent souls - but we are all humbled and moved that today, we do not live in a world where we are kept from helping each other.
No Wall, No Thought, No Limit, No Fear will stop Good Neighbors from helping Good Neighbors.
Thank You All.
Maria, Cheryl, Alejandro and the many transporters that lined up to drive, Neda, Hillary, Adria Ann, APR, Dr. Hayes, PaliVet, our Team at TRB, and others:
As we know, LIFE can be difficult, not always fair, and seemingly cruel at times - but just like the legend song once informed the World: Love WILL Keep Us Together...creating HOPE where there once was none.
Have a GREAT Day, All. Thank You. #theREALbark
*Brilliant pics by our resident musical genius, Aaron. Thanks man!
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{[ WHEN FRANKIE'S FAMILY STOPPED ]} What would You think? What would You do? So, the only human you have known and loved for your ENTIRE life disappears. Gone. Sadly, she was put into an assisted care facility, and this senior pup, Frankie, had NO IDEA. Also devastating: There was no plan for Frankie. No plan other than nice neighbors coming by the house he was living all by himself in, and leaving food for him. Nothing was explained, because no one was trying to let him know where his human went. So he sat there every day - Alone. Scared. Worried.
Fortunately for Frankie there is a compassionate woman named Lisa - whom we have worked Rescue with for YEARS - who knew just what to do.
Frankie was brought up to one of our Mobile Adoptions at Echo Bark Inc. And as the day went on, Frankie sat on several laps, thrilled for the contact, until a brilliant couple that was walking by on their way to get ice cream, came in the store, sat on the floor with this little man, and listened to his story. And then they asked that Frankie not return to his empty home, and instead come to theirs, as a Foster.
So that is where Frankie has been for one week. Knowing Kindness, and Affection, and Security. To be certain, Frankie likely still wonders where his lady is, but Frankie is also completely charmed by this Thoughtful, Loving couple, who tell him daily what a good pup he is...and that he Handsome, and Smart, and not alone in the world.

Big Thanks out to Team member Lisa for this gentle save, and for Tamara & Steven for not hesitating to step up with open Hearts.

See Frankie, you are more popular than ice cream on a warm day. Welcome to The REAL Bark, kid.
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{[ REAL NEWS: SAWYER ]} Remember this tiny nugget? Weeks back, when lifting some pups out of East Valley shelter, the awesome Veronica stepped outside to greet us with this girl - only seven weeks old - burrito wrapped in a blanket. Her human had died, and animal control took in a group of pups. This wee one had a seizure and needed out of the shelter - stat. So we took her in, named her Little Diane Sawyer, and her New Story began. After testing, the vet said to monitor her, did not think it was neurological - more likely blood sugar levels - and that Sawyer should go somewhere Safe and Loving for observation.
Only natural that we called one of our Favorite, Most Nurturing & Kindest people on the planet, Ellen, and ask if she had room for a new Foster. Boy did she.
And after a Joyous month, with so much Compassionate Care focused on her, and with a clean bill of Health, Little Sawyer joined The REAL Bark's Adoption Event, and....well....No Surprise here:
Sawyer found her New Family.
Big Thanks and Congrats to the wonderful Erica & Neda, for Adopting this special pup. Always Great to see good folks SO EXCITED to grow their Family, and choosing Adoption to do so.

More heartfelt Thanks to Veronica for being So Amazing at your job, and to our brilliant Ellen: For raising the bar SO HIGH on the Love-Meter, for the many pups you continue to Help.

Happy, Healthy Life to You, Sawyer.
THAT'S the Headline we would lead with.
Have a Great Day, all. Thank You. #theREALbark
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