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We pride ourselves in taking discarded Lives into our own – Healing them – and righting the wrongs heaped upon those innocents.

We are Humans. We are flawed. And that is why we rely on each other. We are at our Finest as a Collective…and that is the place we serve THEM best. We know that THEY need Our Help – Just like we need YOUR Help. That is why we are Community Faced. To Educate, Negotiate, Support, Empower, and Enable individuals to Help their own…and then Assist Others.

THAT is the way we GROW. THAT is the way we Save MORE Lives. We will not adopt our way out of pet overpopulation in L.A. This NOT a shell game, nor a shuffle. We must go Wider. Deeper.




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{[ PULLING THE WOOLY ]} Remember this sad kid? Tied up in a South Central alley in the summer heat for TWO WEEKS?!? Neighbors thought this poor, filthy, matted, sickly soul belonged to someone, so they brought him food and water while he remained tied there day and night. Finally a woman had enough of his suffering and contacted The REAL Bark for help, guidance, and someone to turn this pup's life around. And after he was Lifted to Safety, and post staying at the vet for a few weeks to get him stable and on the road to Wellness, little Wooly Harrelson - with a new makeover - needed to go into loving Foster, and so The REAL Bark's cherished team mate, Kathryn, stepped in and up to Nurture this boy, just when he needed it most.
In fact that time together went so well that Kathryn had a little speak with Wooly, and then announced to all that in fact this little guy - who shortly before had Nothing to his name - now had Everything, was Wanted & Needed, and would be going nowhere as he was already HOME.
Congrats and Thanks awesome Kathryn for Falling Deep, and showering Wooly with Affection and Promise...and Adopting this Handsome Survivor. Big Thanks to Maria for making that call, and The REAL Bark Team for thoughtfully shaping Wooly's Future.

Little Man: THIS is how you always deserved to be treated. We are so sorry for your past, and hopefully with each passing day you can walk away from what was...and spend your new Much Loved days now focusing on what Life Has Become.

Thank You All. Have a GREAT Day.
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{[ UP AND ADAM ]} Remember this sweet kid? Adam Ant was found running the streets in South Central. He was lifted from homelessness and then went into Foster. Once he visited Dr. Ash, it was discovered Adam had a very serious injury to his eye and actually had a literal hole in the back of his eyeball. This began one of two VERY delicate surgeries by Dr. Ash to save his sight, and his eye. Little Adam had a hard time with his lengthy recovery, and was in much discomfort, endured a couple heartbreaking setbacks, BUT had THE BEST reason in the world to Heal: Adam had a Family already in Love - and COMMITTED to him - and despite us being brutally honest that he may still lose his eye AND there would be six weeks of super intensive post-op care, watching, and daily routine to make certain he did not touch his operation, Adam's Amazing Family said they would wait as long as needed, and do whatever was best for him because they already had their Family meeting and he was THEIR BOY.

And so he was. And is. Recent Family pic shows the much improved, Charming Adam who is ADORED by his people...just as he LOVES them back.
Giant Thanks to all on Team Adam: Dr. Ash, Maria, the Team at The REAL Bark, his Family: Dave, Jaclyn, Jake and Riley...and the pup himself. Adam slowly let go of his rough past, and immersed himself in all the Nurturing and Affection he had been missing.
Now Healed, Adam easily and clearly SEES just how BEAUTIFUL Life got.
Welcome Home, little man.
Thanks All. Have a GREAT Day.
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The REAL Bark is super excited to join a special event this Saturday, September 17th, at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center. We will have a few of our Adorable Adoptables there to meet you, and charm your socks off. Come watch a ton of fine folk having a Great Time with lots of Dog-Centric events, from 10-2. The Equestrian Center is located at 480 West Riverside Drive Burbank, CA 91506. See You There! Giddyup. Thanks! ... See MoreSee Less

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{[ NO ORDINARY PEOPLE ]} Nope. Not these folk. If you read yesterday's post from The REAL Bark, you caught the SAD tale of Robert Redfurred, who was thrown away like trash - by a series of people. You can see & read this post by scrolling down one story. This little SURVIVOR with a broken heart, Robert, had a very special and deserved weekend, that we mentioned yesterday. Who and What you ask? Well, after losing everything several times over, Robert getting EVERYTHING back - day by day....and then some!
Here is Robert with his LOVING weekend buddies: Kimmy, Erik, and pup Badger. Would you look at HOW HAPPY Robert is in this pic?
He must know that there is BIG talk of him NEVER LEAVING their house, nor Life. They LOVE him and want to make sure Robert and Badger will become Besties.
Let's send them some Encouragement, Well Wishes, and Thanks, right here, for knowing what a Special guy Robert is - and for letting him to know he is Safe and Wanted - as they get to know him Up Close And Personal.
Fingers Crossed, little buddy. You are on your way!

Thanks All. Have a GREAT Day.
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{[ SURVIVOR: AN UNFINISHED LIFE ]} A few days ago you met sweet little Michelle Pfeiffur right here. Today we want to introduce you to her costar Robert Redfurred.
This handsome, very friendly little dude has had an awful last couple months. His people did not want him anymore, so they 'gave him away' to a woman that did not really want him either, so she gave him to a friend, who then gave him to her mother, who then handed him to her other son, who wanted him the least, so he SET ROBERT FREE in Hollywood. The pup - by some miracle - survived, and made it all the way to Echo Park where he was found wandering in traffic. Poor little dude thought All Is Lost, and was dealing with The Sting of being dumped. Robert was a mess of nerves and had NO IDEA what was going on.
So when we contacted the chip company, who contacted the owners, they confirmed they did not want him and did not care where he went, so they came picked him up from the finder and promptly dropped his at Echo Bark Inc. and waved goodbye.
Though we have no real room for new pups, his soulful eyes begged for help, so we promised Robert his life would change quickly, with The REAL Bark.
Come on back here tomorrow and have a look at where SWEET Robert spent his weekend.
Until then Have a Great Day...Robert is.
Now that he knows he is Safe and Wanted!
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