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We pride ourselves in taking discarded Lives into our own – Healing them – and righting the wrongs heaped upon those innocents.

We are Humans. We are flawed. And that is why we rely on each other. We are at our Finest as a Collective…and that is the place we serve THEM best. We know that THEY need Our Help – Just like we need YOUR Help. That is why we are Community Faced. To Educate, Negotiate, Support, Empower, and Enable individuals to Help their own…and then Assist Others.

THAT is the way we GROW. THAT is the way we Save MORE Lives. We will not adopt our way out of pet overpopulation in L.A. This NOT a shell game, nor a shuffle. We must go Wider. Deeper.




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{[ LOVE ACTUALLY ]} So this guy. Found running the streets that he had been living on for a while. Kid was in rough shape, and yet a Sweet guy. An unneutered male, three year old, underweight, sickly, homeless Pit Bull. When one of our peeps found him in traffic, she brought him to Echo Bark Inc., and we put out the Just Found alert. After determining that nothing was life-threatening, we then took him to the shelter - while monitoring him EVERY day - in the off chance he was somebody's Loved dog that went missing. But nothing.
Well...NOW Everything.
The REAL Bark stepped in when he became available and said "You Have a New Life, kiddo."

Meet Bully Bob Thornton.
This Handsome kid is at the vet now as he is sick, but we have started treatment to get him on the road to Wellness...and start dealing with his physical ailments. He is a lovely dude that just wants to shower with people and pups with Affection, and we are SO Proud to help him on his way to a Loved Life. One by one, we do what we can.
BIG props and Ever-Gratitude to Chela, for reaching out and recruiting help for this kid's bills.
Bully Bob: Things Just Got REALLY Good.
Have a Nice Day, Everyone.
Kindness is the Way that any of us Heal.
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{[ LIVING THE DREAM ]} Little Al Poochino found his DREAM Family. Literally. See, Arut and his wife Pinkie had been dreaming about adopting a pup for over a year. So they went ahead and made their home more dog-friendly in anticipation of Falling in Love one day. They took out some of the concrete in their yard and replaced it with grass, so their new pup would have a place to play, when outside. And then, one fateful day they met Al....and everything made sense. Congrats & Thanks Arut and Pinkie on Adopting this beautiful kid that was sitting at the Bakersfield Animal Shelter HOPING someone would see him. The REAL Bark knew the moment we laid eyes on him that he needed to come with us...and find his New Future. And that is JUST what happened. Luck is Preparation Meeting Opportunity. Happy Life, little Al, you met two AMAZING people. May all your Dreams Come True. Thanks Everyone. Have a GREAT Day. ... See MoreSee Less

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{[ SUMMER: BE COOL. STAY COOL. ]} Hey there. Little Shirley TempBull might be a tiny tot but she is SMART. She wanted to remind us all of a few good tips for helping your pups stay COOL in this extreme heat:
*Always make sure there is fresh drinking water for your pups to access.
*Avoid walking during the highest heat of the day, and TRY to walk in shaded areas. Remember that dogs do not sweat like we do, and their pads are super sensitive to heat, AND the way to help them cool off. Walking them on hot pavement is like you touching a hot frying pan, so please be careful where they are walking.
*To that end, you can help pups cool down by having them stand in a shallow pool of water, or you can apply cold water to their pad with a towel as well.
*Make your own cool scarf, by wetting a bandana and sticking it in the fridge for a while before your walk. It will feel good to your pup worn loosely around their neck.
*And obviously NEVER leave your pups in a car unattended during this heat. It does not matter if the windows are cracked, that car or truck heats up like an oven.

We all want our companion pups - and kitts - Well and Happy, so please think ahead, and help educate those you know, that might need some pointers for the hot weather. Thanks!
Shirley says: "You're COOL!!!"

*For more tips, go to AND if you want to make your pets some COOLING Treats, check this out:

Happy First Day of Summer, Everyone.
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{[ THE LITTLE PRINCESS ]} Look who is In Training and doing her push-ups, so she can one day attend her first Mobile Adoption with The REAL's Shirley TempBull. Come on by Echo Bark Inc. TODAY, Saturday June 18th between 11:00 and 2:00 and visit some Adorable Adoptables Looking for Love in All the Right Places. Echo Bark Inc. is 3724 Sunset Blvd. LA 90026
Don't Forget Your Sunscreen. Thanks!
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{[ HONORING ORLANDO ]} As our nation mourns the devastation in Orlando, we at The REAL Bark stand with you in solidarity. We are Heartbroken. We send deepest, most-profound condolences to the scores of Family members and thousands of Friends that are missing their beloved people. We also Honor the depressing number of individuals that are murdered by guns every single day in this beautiful country. Beautiful, but clearly struggling.
We Rescues are in the business of Saving Lives and Uniting Families, so, like you, we are hurt, angry, and searching. When did the right to buy a gun become superior to one's right to LIVE SAFELY?
We DO know a few things for certain: Family is defined by LOVE. That simple. EQUALITY and the Right to be Exactly Who YOU are, with whomever you choose is everyone's given birthright. And HOME is the Sacred, Protected place where all that LOVE LIVES... where Adults, and Children - whether two-legged, four-legged or both - Dream of how to enjoy this GIFT OF LIFE.

Hate has NO PLACE to hide anymore. LOVE STILL WINS.
Please Share if You Care.
#NeverForget #Orlando #OneLove #Equality #LGBTRightsAreHumanRights #GunControl #NoHate #CelebrateDiversity #CommUNITY #AdoptLove
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