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We pride ourselves in taking discarded Lives into our own – Healing them – and righting the wrongs heaped upon those innocents.

We are Humans. We are flawed. And that is why we rely on each other. We are at our Finest as a Collective…and that is the place we serve THEM best. We know that THEY need Our Help – Just like we need YOUR Help. That is why we are Community Faced. To Educate, Negotiate, Support, Empower, and Enable individuals to Help their own…and then Assist Others.

THAT is the way we GROW. THAT is the way we Save MORE Lives. We will not adopt our way out of pet overpopulation in L.A. This NOT a shell game, nor a shuffle. We must go Wider. Deeper.



The REAL Bark is a registered 501c3 non-profit dog rescue group in Los Angeles.


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{[ HAPPY DAYS ]} Look who is ALREADY feeling SO Much Better! After a few days of eye, ear, and overall medications, this SWEET elderly stray, that was found in such tragic shape, is enjoying her newfound Affection-Filled Days. Kind THANKS to the many of you that came to her assistance right here by donating to her Care. Another CommUNITY Save. Next up is a shave down to rid her of the rest of those mats, and then getting her mammary tumors looked at by expert eyes. The REAL Bark will take it a day a a time.
No one has stepped forward to claim her, so it is appearing more and more likely she was dumped. That is what it is. She has Advocates now, and we will continue to care for her medically.
So what are we calling this adorable lady, you ask?
Well, a senior, redhead, mother, with lots of charm, a winning smile, some sparkle, and plenty of great energy for those around her?
Meet Mrs. C.
That's right, little Marion Cunningham is indeed looking forward to her Bright, Love-Filled Future...with MANY Happy Days.
"Goodbye grey sky, hello blue, there's nothing can hold me when I hold you."

Stay tuned. We will be right back after commercial break.
Have a GREAT Day, All. Thank You. #theREALbark
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{[ WANTED: HAPPY TRAILS ]} Well, Howdy. Little Pony & Cowboy - who have NO idea how adorable they are - say HELLO. These brothers were just weaned from momma, and Loving all the Affection they are getting in their Foster Homes. However, both of these kids are now looking to Ride Off into the Sunset with a New Family for each of them. Mom is a beautiful five pound Rescued Chi, and Dad looks to be from the Poodle persuasion. These handsome little dudes will be smaller adults, likely coming in at about ten to twelve pounds when all grown up.
But that is then, right NOW the little gents want to know if YOU know a wonderful Family, or Individual, that might be looking to Adopt, and who would give these charming babies the Celebrated Life that they deserve.
Email The REAL Bark with questions or interest, please, @
Please Share their pic to help these two find their way HOME.

Big Shout Out to Vanessa, Ellen, Tim, Morgan, Mavis, and Faith.
It takes a Team.

Thanks! Have a GREAT Day, Y'all.
GiddyUp. #theREALbark
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{[ FOUND SPANIEL - NEEDS HELP ]} Eastside: Silver Lake - Echo Park. Found this SENIOR girl wandering in traffic. Scooped her up to find clear neglect, and potential abuse. She is in bad shape and needs instant help. Awful dreading/mats all over her underbelly, and ears. So bad that we actually mistook her for an intact male. Knots in her ears. Ears majorly infected on both sides. Eyes infected, and one glued shut. Anemic. Lethargic. Covered in fleas. And unfortunately, obvious mammary tumors. She feels awful, is scared, and YET, she is SWEET as sugar. No idea how long she has been wandering or neglected, but this older girl is Trusting.
Called the shelter, and spoke to them and they did not know exactly when the doctor could see her, and as we did not want to delay her URGENT need for care, we took her to a vet IMMEDIATELY. Confirmed this with shelter as well.
Dropping a Found Poster at North Central, in case, but it is highly unlikely anyone from her past cares that this girl is alive. We do. Like so many of you do. So Sad.
Fleas, Eyes & Ears are being taken care of right now. Next we will get her cleaned up, and shaved down, and then look into imminent surgery for those tumors.
She can definitely use your HELP. $1, $3, $5, or whatever, would not only be HUGELY appreciated, but EVERY PENNY will go to her medical care right now, and upcoming surgery.
Thank You. We always would rather not ask for help, but when these pups in desperate need show up....

Please Share. And if you live in the area, and should happen to recognize this poor old gal, please message us.
Thanks Everyone. Let's Please try to HEAL this sickly, deserving soul - Together. And show her how Good, Gentle, and Loving Life Can Be.
All Donations to her care Welcome HERE>
Thank YOU So Much. Please Share.
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{[ THOR: JOURNEY BACK TO LIFE]} Many of you have reached to us and asked us for more Thor updates and photos. When times are troubling - and for whatever reason - if you are met with challenge or struggle, INSPIRATION is most Welcome.
Before Thor ever got to us, we needed to commit to him while he was still dying on the streets, and THEN a good soul would go scoop up his traumatized being, and take him to a Tijuana vet. In this picture that still breaks our Hearts to view, this 26 pound paralyzed, diseased and dying pup, sits in the bathtub as the tech attempt to remove hundreds of ticks from his body, inside his ears, and then wash a year of filth off his open sores, just to get to the beginning of his care.
I will tell you right now that from the moment we picked this pup up, and held his broken, bony body, he was GRATEFUL. Even at his lowest, only Kindness, Appreciation, and some sort of unspoken understanding from him, that we were all there to help him FORWARD.
This boy drug himself around the streets of Mexico for months and months and had amassed a list of diseases that would have taken someone ten times his size down. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Giardia, Coccidia, Lyme disease and a host of others kept Thor on an IV for weeks. And it was at our first meeting, after every professional recommendation for this paralyzed dog in devastating shape, that would never move half his body, let alone never walk again - was to 'let him go.' We had to consider it.
We opted on an unspoken.
Thor locked eyes with us that first night, and we had our answer. In that moment, as low as he was, his eyes said:
"I WANT Life. Watch Me. See what I can do."

We never stopped watching, buddy. Or believing.
This pup, with a Hero's Heart.

Thor went to the Echo Park Lake the other day, near three years since we began this journey. Three profound, powerful years of Dedication and Work. On his side...and ours. Three years of slow climb, and build, and set back, and push forward.
From the beginning, six MONTHS into caring for his every need - not unlike an infant - that his dead tail made the slightest move. Understand that we were told by many that would never even happen. Another eight months of work, and he PROUDLY pushed off the ground and STOOD on all four legs like a newborn horse. And the work kept going... We could see him wanting more.
All of this was made possible by YOU. Yes, we, Thor's Rescuers and Advocates humbly do the daily work, and his brilliant doctors at California Animal Rehabilitationl - CARE, who crafted his very specific "Thorapy"...but YOU have been his cheerleaders and supporters. And in doing so, you have encouraged us to Press Forward.
All of us at The REAL Bark offer you our Heartfelt Gratitude + Profound Thanks.

So, yes, the Park, and awesome Paula's skilled camera, and Chela's positive energy, and Thor.
Now not 26 pounds but 56.
Now not broken, but standing.
His same people by his side. The same MAGIC in his eyes.
"See what I can do."
We are all watching, sweet pal. Show us whatever you wish.

Do You Believe in Miracles?

More Thor soon. Large LOVE to all that have impacted - and still do - Thor's Life and Epic Journey.

Have a GREAT Day Everyone.
NEVER is the time to Give Up. NEVER.
Thor reminds us daily. And always with that giant SMILE.

*We are HONORED to be part of this kid's AMAZING climb back to Life and will remain forever here, and part of his world, but Thor has done all this work to find his Family. Yes, our hands-on commitment will keep going, and we have acted as Rescuers, Healers, and Companions, but handsome Thor wants his own new bedroom, and a new last name.
And what Thor wants....

You can email us if you have questions, or are interested in Adopting a MOST Special Soul at Thanks All.

Forward is Where We are Headed. See You There.
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{[ ALWAYS ON MY MIND ]} So many changes and excitement for Matteo. You might remember that this handsome pup came to us from Mexico, where he was cruelly thrown from a car, like trash. Fortunately, the amazing Maria saw this and ran to go get this poor kid. And because she, and the brilliant Cheryl aligned, so many awesome volunteer transporters came forward, and we were able to receive Matteo to The REAL Bark in LA, and prep him for the biggest moment of his life: Adopting a Family of his very own.
When Kim & Jonathan met this SWEET pup, they KNEW he needed to be Family - were obsessed - and could NOT get him off their mind. So a name change to Willie Nelson made good sense!
Congrats and Thanks to you Kim & Jonathan. You are such huge Advocates, and so Protective & Affectionate of your new boy. With his former life comes some physical challenge, but he will grow big and strong, and far past all that was. Thank You for seeing him through.
So much Gratitude to ALL that made his journey to a Loving Home possible.
Willie Nelson: Only Happiness + Blue Skies ahead for you, little dude. You Survived. You earned each one of those tail wags. Happy Life, kiddo.
Have a GREAT Day Everyone. Thanks. #theREALbark
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